Economics students visit the Bank of England

6th May 16

A Level Economics trip to the bank of England

Our Abbey College Cambridge A Level Economics students recently visited the Bank of England to learn more about its role in the British and global economy.

As part of the trip, our students spent time in the bank’s museum and listened to a talk from a member of the bank staff. They learnt how money is made, the value of gold and how monetary policy works. They also got to hold a gold bar!

The trip reinforced our students’ study of monetary policy as part of the A Level Economics syllabus. It was designed to both enhance and consolidate their existing knowledge on the role of the Bank of England and monetary policy.

Economics teacher Ross Hill, who helped organise the trip, thought it was a great success in helping students to understand the practical application of the theories they learn; ‘The trip provides our students to see the effects of economics outside of the classroom, and put a place to the name ‘Bank of England’. It further allows them to gain a deeper understanding of the role of currency and gold in the development of trade systems, and demonstrates our commitment to an Economics education that is second to none!’.

Click here for more images from the trip.