Summer School – Go Ape

14th May 15

Abbey College Cambridge Summer School Students Go Ape

“What a great day we had during summer school when we went to Thetford Forest and took part in the Tree Top Adventure called, ‘Go Ape‘.

The Tunnel

“I loved The Tunnel! At first glance it might seem to be just a circular tunnel. You might think it will be boring or too simple of an activity, but when you are in the tunnel, your excitement grows when the tunnel starts swaying back and forth. From the picture, can you see that the boards in the tunnel were too far apart? With three sections, I couldn’t wait to get to the platform to have a rest.

Bring your courage for this one!”


“I would like to tell you about an exciting but yet difficult activity at Go Ape. On the fourth adventure, I was trying to get between two trees from one platform to another when I came upon ten rings hanging from rope. You could only step in the rings to get across. With each step, you feel your whole body shaking trying to make the rings balance. Although it is hard to control the balance, it was a brilliant chance to use all muscles in my body. Besides the wire is helpful for you to keep balance. Why not give yourself a fantastic challenge?”

The Zip Wire

“At the end of every zip wire is the landing. Someway you have to come to a stop. Some people use their feet, some their back and some even their head. BUT everyone collects woodchips at the landing.This is a free gift in your shoes, in your clothes and even your hair. Do not worry about them, they help for a soft stop. Look at the pictures, you also collect smiles! Are you a Wood Chip collector?”

“At the end of every Tree Top Adventure is The Zip Wire. This is the most exciting activity that I have ever been on. The thrill of jumping off a high platform and feeling the super speed as you fly through the trees was a great feeling. Almost everyone will scream but the landing is always different.”


“Have you ever played crosses before? Have you ever played it in the air high in the trees? It is amazing and will be addictive for you. Straight off the platform you jump to a naught then further away is the cross. They are staggered that you feel you may fall down if you don’t jump right. For me it was very exciting and challenging.”

Tarzan Swing

“On the fifth and final challenge of Go Ape was the Tarzan Swing. You are standing on the platform nervous for what you see ahead… giant ropes that looked like a spider web. My feelings were nervous and then thrill as I stepped off. I flew through the air and soon hit the ropes. It was an unforgetable feeling.”

Spider Web

“The Spider Web is at the very beginning of the tree top adventure. We had to jump off the platform and let ourselves bounce off the web until finally we grabbed the web. My heart was pounding so hard and I thought I was going to fall down, but I enjoyed it. I think the key is to keep balanced, make sure your hands and feet are separated way apart like a spider so that you can stay on the web steadily.”

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