Yuliia | Ukraine

From Ukraine
Previous School Lyceum No.38 V.Molchanov
A Levels Economics B
Mathematics A*
Further Mathematics A*Russian A*
Destination Economics and Mathematics at the University of Bristol

“I like that I am able to focus on the subjects that interest me, and which will be useful for my future studies. The teacher’s aim is your success, and you really feel their passion for their subjects. Our economics teacher made an extra economics club focusing on strategies for achieving the best grades in our exam. There are also
lots of clubs and evening activities, I found the ‘meet the economics examiner’ session most useful as it made my exams clearer.

Studying in Cambridge is an amazing opportunity. The atmosphere of the city motivates you to pursue your goals. I want to combine work and study, and start to build my future economist career from the beginning of my university studies. My main goal is to influence my country’s economy and help its growth and development.”