Biology Field Trip

19th May 15

Abbey College Cambridge A Level Biology Field Trip

Upper Sixth Student Liyana Mustafa tells us about the Biology Field Trip.

The A level Biology Field Trip to Dale Fort Field Centre in Wales was an extraordinary journey of adventure and discovery about Natural Selection, Adaptation and Evolution within and even beyond the syllabus.

Along with fascinating lectures covering the general concepts of these topics, we were also given the opportunity to apply our knowledge in the various experiments carried out at the salt marsh and the beaches, where we used point quadrats, frame quadrats, spirits levels and other equipment.

With the results that we obtained, we calculated important figures of measurement, such as the Simpson’s Index and Chi-squared test as well as plotted graphs, from which we drew conclusions. Being out of the usual school environment, we had to emphasize on the safety while at work. Wellies and waterproofs were worn daily to keep from the cold and wet weather and the muddy grounds.

Overall, the trip provided an excellent first-hand experience that we were all very privileged to have had in Wales. With no doubt, we have gained a substantial amount of knowledge, not only about biology, but about our peers and ourselves as well.