The Annual Charity Fair Goes West

17th May 15

Abbey College Cambridge Annual Charity Fair

The year started with Here4U  students welcoming the new 18 month students and giving them a little tour of all the Abbey buildings, telling them about the fantastic clubs here at Abbey College Cambridge, where to get great food, or even to go shopping. We had regular new faces at our weekly meetings as more students joined the Here4U club.

The planning for the annual Charity Fair commenced just before the half term. It was so exciting to organize a cowboy themed Charity Fair in support of the East Anglia Children’s Hospice (EACH). The fair was a success and we worked with so many other clubs at college to pull it off. We worked alongside the drama club to act a play merged with a fashion show. This was so interesting because most of us got to be involved for the first time in a production involving props, music and costumes.

We had a beautiful performance by the Abbey Voices and even a live banjo performance.  The stalls were so varied that there was something for everyone to do.

The rain and the intense wind on that day did not stop us brave cowboys from doing our version of a hoedown throwdown, losing a tug-of-war competition to teachers, falling off the bucking bronco or savouring the outdoor barbeque in true cowboy style.

I look forward to continuing with Here4U because it gives me such a sense of belonging.

by Fatima Adamu-Biu

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