Summer School – Grantchester Visit

14th May 15

Abbey College Cambridge Summer School Grantchester Visit

On Wednesday 3rd July, Abbey College Cambridge Summer School students visited a famous place which is named Grantchester .I thought this place was amazing. It seemed like a village.

When we arrived there, first we saw a big garden, and we chose some drinks and snacks, it’s extremely delicious. I heard that Grantchester is a village on the River Cam or Cranta in Cambridgeshire, England. Some of the famous or well-known people, who have taken tea in The Orchard Tea Gardens, include Stephen Hawking, Edward Thomas, and Peter Cooke. First we went to orchard, we had a chat with our teacher and we felt very relax. Then we went to the museum for Byron who was a British poet and a leading figure in the Romantic Movement. I was surprised by the big lawn, I smelt fresh air and I saw some students and tourists had a picnic in the meadows.

I will always remember that Grantchester trip on account of it was really charming.


On Wednesday (July 3rd), we visited Grantchester which is 3 miles away from Cambridge. At first, we saw a beautiful apple orchard there which was built into a tea café in 1897. We had a lovely afternoon tea there. I really liked the Elderflower drink there since it was very tasty and refreshing. Then, we looked around in a museum there that told us about the history and stories of Grantchester. It’s an ancient village on the Cam River. Almost everybody in Cambridge has been there before. Many famous people have been associated with Grantchester. Rupert Brooke was an extremely important English poet and he wrote a poem called “the old Vicarage, Grantchester“. He gathered Augustus John, Wittgenstein, Keynes, Virginia Woolf and some other people together to create “The Grantchester Group“.

After visiting the museum, we came to a wide and wonderful grass land. I smelt the fragrance of the green grasses and the exquisite flowers. The air was even fresher while I enjoyed my time there. In Grantchester, you can enjoy lots of enchanting scenic spots, and everywhere looks like a picture. Why not come to visit Grantchster?